MCHS Tennis Welcomes Two Co-coaches


New MCHS Tennis Co-coaches Alana Wilson (left) and Alexis Ricketts (right)

Jayla Perry, Staff Reporter

Madison High School hired MCHS English teachers Alexis Ricketts and Alana Wilson to coach the girls’ tennis team. 

MCHS Athletic Director Patric Morrison approached Ricketts and Wilson about coaching the tennis team earlier in the school year.

“They initially asked me to coach both boys and girls, but I was not ready to jump in at the beginning of the school year,” said Ricketts.

However, Ricketts stated that she declined to coach the boy’s team but kept an open mind for the girls. After being contacted multiple times and finding out that Wilson was on board, she agreed to coach the girls’ tennis team. Wilson had been approached by various students asking her to coach, and she decided once she found out Ricketts was on board.

Ricketts, who started teaching at Madison this year, looks forward to getting to know her students outside of teaching.

“It’s exciting to build this program and be an influence to these athletes and for me also to help build a stronger connection with my students since I’m new to the school this year. It’s been harder to make strong connections, so hopefully, this will help me feel like I’m more a part of the school.”

 Coaching tennis has been a fantastic opportunity for Wilson to see this side of coaching after having observed her husband Leroy’s experiences from the football sideline.

“I’m on the other side of coaching all the time with my husband,” Wilson stated. “So, it’s kind of been funny to get the other side where he’s dealing with the kids in our home life, and then I am dealing with all of the coaching. He’s very much taken on the assistant tennis role over the last few days. So, it’s kind of funny how it happens.” 

Both women have experience with competitive tennis from high school and college and hope they can create true student-athletes who appreciate the sport and grow within it.

“We have a lot of girls wanting to play, and so I’m hoping that means it’s not going to be just quantity but quality, as well,” Ricketts said. “I’m hoping to get girls who appreciate the sport and grow within it.”

The development of the Madison High School girl’s tennis teams marks an exciting new chapter for the athletic program. While the team is still in its early stages, it’s clear that many eager girls and two coaches are willing to put in the work for a successful season. Practice for the MCHS girls’ tennis season starts today, and their first match will be on March 31st.