MCHS Introduces Brierly as New Assistant Athletic Director


New MCHS Assistant Athletic Director Devin Brierly

Ren Knoebel, Staff Reporter

On Friday, August 5, 2022, Madison Consolidated High School announced their new Assistant Athletic Director, Devin Brierly. Brierly graduated from Southwestern in 2008, where she was an exceptional basketball and softball player. Her athletic background does not end there, however. After graduation, Brierly attended Butler University in Indianapolis to major in early and middle childhood education and to continue her basketball career as a Division I athlete for all four years. She also played softball for one year as she worked to get her Master’s degree in school counseling.

As an individual, athletics have played a significant role in shaping Brierly into who she is today: strong, ambitious, and goal-oriented. One of her main goals is to help students at Madison schools express these traits.

“I think the biggest thing is to hopefully impact young adults and student-athletes by helping them reach their highest potential, achieve goals, and reach success,” Brierly said.

Brierly believes that her educational background may also help the students succeed and improve the athletic program “by using my counseling background, I would like to hopefully incorporate mental health programs within the athletic program.”

With Brierly’s new perspectives and passion, Brierly is looking forward to putting her stamp on the athletic year.

Stated Brierly, “I am extremely excited and thankful to be here. I look forward to working with everybody. Everybody has been so welcoming and accepting of me as I’ve taken on this role, and that is something that I truly appreciate.”