Cowper Hired as MCHS Principal


Brooke E

New MCHS principal Don Cowper

Brooke Everage, Staff Reporter

Many new changes are in progress at Madison Consolidated High School, and one significant alteration is hiring the new MCHS principal, Mr. Donald H. Cowper, Jr. On August 8th, Madison Schools interviewed five candidates for the MCHS principal position. On August 11th, Cowper was offered the job and immediately accepted it. Cowper was officially approved at the MCS district board meeting on August 17th. 

Indiana is no unfamiliar place for Cowper. He attended Indiana Wesleyan Univesity and Indiana State University to acquire his Administrator License and Educational Specialist degree. For the past year, Cowper and his family have wanted to come closer to home. He and his wife started to explore their options, and when he came across the job opening for MCHS principal, he couldn’t have been more excited. Cowper and his wife, Sarah, have one son named Liam. All three of them are happy to establish themselves in Madison as soon as possible so that he can meet the students, staff, and other faculty members.

Cowper will be moving to Indiana from Keystone Heights, Florida, and was an assistant principal at a public junior high/high school. He oversaw over 1,200 students each day, ranging from grades 7-12. When Cowper began to learn about the demographics of the area and the school system, he was highly impressed with all the opportunities we offer for our students, like our advanced culinary program, cub manufacturing and welding classes, FFA, and our athletic programs. 

“I am very impressed with the programs and opportunities offered to students; the facilities are incredible, and the historical elements of the community are very appealing to us.”

Cowper’s primary focus for the beginning of his tenure at MCHS is to get to know the teachers and students and develop and build personal relationships with them. He wants to help teachers develop into high-quality leaders who can help students become successful. Cowper has an impressive background working with staff on strategic areas that positively moved each district forward. 

Madison Consolidated Schools’ new Superintendent, Dr. Teresa Brown, was very impressed with Cowper the minute he stepped into the room. She believes he brings many good qualities and traits and is the perfect fit for Madison. 

“From the time he entered the room, he seemed to be at ease, provided specific information on several topics of interest, and of all of the great candidates we interviewed – he brought the entire package to the table. We are very excited about the energy and leadership he will bring to the high school in the upcoming years,” said Brown. 

The MCHS team is very excited to welcome Cowper and is looking forward to seeing all the new things he plans for this year and in the upcoming years.