Gee Returns to MCHS after Announcing Retirement Last Year



Veteran MCHS math teacher Kathleen Gee

Mallory Castor, Staff Reporter

The 2022-2023 school year has officially started, and Madison Consolidated High School math teacher  Mrs. Kathleen Gee has returned to continue teaching students for her 35th year. At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, Gee announced to her students that she would be retiring. Gee has returned to teaching due to teacher shortages, having a special love for her job, and being bored. Anyone who has had the opportunity to have Gee as a teacher knows her humor and drive to teach students is what makes her class special. 

Gee’s love for teaching is a significant reason why she came back.

“It is my mission to help kids follow their dream because teaching was my dream, and I want kids to get there with a high school education,” said Gee.  

“She is a unique woman, and I loved having her as a teacher. She is the only reason I passed math,” said MCHS senior Ava Peters. 

Like many other schools in the state and throughout the country, MCHS is dealing with a teacher shortage. Schools are having trouble finding people to fill positions of other teachers. That is why Gee felt it was not her time to retire from teaching. 

“It’s been hard. Covid took a toll on teachers, and many wanted to get out. Many teachers are retiring, and there is a lack of new people getting into education. Madison is having a slight problem with a teacher shortage,” said Gee. 

MCHS Social Studies teacher Denise Gilette entered teaching at the same time as Gee and is excited to have Gee back to continue their teaching journey together. 

“We needed math teachers in the worst way, and Gee wasn’t ready to retire yet. Gee and I started teaching the same year. Gee is very helpful to new teachers, and we are excited to have her back,” stated Gillette. 

Over the summer, Gee picked up crafting as a hobby and will set up a booth at Madison Chautauqua. Gee also enjoyed going to Tennessee and camping. Although she enjoyed her newfound freedom finding new hobbies and enjoying trips with her family, she longed for the challenges of the classroom.

“It was easy to sit around and do nothing. My husband said, ‘that’s okay,’ but I needed to do something,” said Gee. 

MCHS junior Roman Lytle currently has Gee as his math teacher.

“Having her for the first time has been great. She is the light of my life. Gee is always lively and ready to teach. She makes me want to learn and participate in class. I don’t generally like math, but I always look forward to her class,” Lytle stated. 

 The teacher shortage combined with Gee’s 35 years of experience would have been a significant loss for the students of MCHS. Gee’s change of heart will almost assuredly be a boon for MCHS and its students.