Morrison Steps into the MCHS Athletic Director Role


MCHS Athletic Director Patric Morrison

Reagan Warren, Staff Reporter

With the 2022-2023 school year starting Madison has had a lot of new changes. Recently the former athletic director Joe Bronkella moved schools and started a new job at Center Grove High School. Due to this change, the assistant athletic director Patric Morrison stepped up and took the athletic director position. 

“Not much will change as Mr. Bronkela allowed me to be part of a lot over the past few years, but the main item that I will have now is that all decisions for the Athletic Department will go through me now” affirmed Morrison.

Morrison said, “The main two reasons I decided to apply for the position were for our athletes and our coaches. I wanted to make sure they had a smooth transition and that they knew they had someone in this role that they already had a relationship with.” 

Patric Morrison with wife Jessica and their two children.

He expressed that his wife and two kids are Madison Cubs and love everything about it. He is familiar with the community and understands how things currently operate.“There will be a few extra duties that will probably require me to be away a few more nights than in the past three; however, I made sure my family was on board before I decided to apply for the position. My family is (all for the) Madison Cubs through and through and they love nothing more than being at the events cheering on our Cubs.” 

“I fully believe that Madison needed someone like Mr. Bronkella five years ago; he did a lot of great things for Madison. He put Madison on the map in a positive manner, and I hope to continue to build off of many of the wonderful things he did,” he stated.

Patric Morrison on the sidelines when he was the head football coach for the Madison Cubs.

Morrison was the registered athletic administrator in the spring of 2021, he has three years of experience as the assistant athletic director here at MCHS and Madison Junior High School, five years as a seasonal athletic director, and he coached at middle school, high school, and collegiate levels. He has hosted multiple postseason tournaments like ISHAA Sectionals for boys soccer, girls soccer, baseball, girls basketball, boys golf, girls golf, boys track, girls track, and football. He also hosted IHSAA Regionals for boys soccer and hosted the IHSAA North/South All-star game series.

Although things are changing this athletic year, Morrison is not only hopeful but also prepared to create the best environment possible for the athletes and coaches.