Conventional Restaurants Aren’t the Only Food Industry Hit by COVID


Isa James, Staff Reporter

In Madison and across the world food truck and foodservice owners and employees have seen a steep drop in service since February because of Coronavirus global pandemic. The industry is seeing the worst year in decades and is expected to lose over $100 billion. Food truck owners are struggling to get business due to quarantine and people’s general fear of the virus. 

According to ABC News, restaurant and foodservice businesses have lost over $120 billion due to the pandemic between the months of March and May. The National Restaurant Association now assumes that the industry will lose over $240 billion by the end of 2020 and more than 8 million food service employees have been laid off or furloughed. It is expected that the foodservice industry will take nearly four years to recover from the pandemic. 

Having opened in February, Cristal Rios from Famous Tamale Truck, usually located behind Dairy Queen, and Mcdonalds, said, “The first few months it was really good business, but then everything [the pandemic] started up and it dropped.” She also said they are constantly “ wiping everything down after every customer,” and other sanitation standards have skyrocketed. For example, masks are required at all times in the truck. Since people aren’t coming out during certain times of the day, they have cut hours and cut schedules greatly. 

COVID-19 has immensely affected the foodservice industry all across the nation, so local communities are relying on local support now more than ever. However, residents should take all health and safety precautions required by the local, state, and federal government as well as the restaurants themselves. If you are unsure what the updates suggestions are, check out this link by to CDC:

How to protect yourself and Others

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