MCHS Gears up for Annual Semiformal Dance


Caroline Kirby and Maddie Cline

Every year, Madison Consolidated High School hosts a winter semiformal dance. This year, the dance is being held on February 22, 2020, from 8:30-11:30 P.M. The theme for the dance is “New York City Lights”. To get into the dance, it is $15 for one person and $20 for a couple.

If a student from MCHS is interested in bringing a guest from another school, the student is required to fill out a guest pass. Guest passes can be found in the MCHS main office. Guests can range from a freshman in high school through 20 years old. 

“Semi-formal is such fun. There is dancing, snacks, props for pictures, and it is really just a time to be free and socialize with not only your friends but people you may not have expected to talk to,” said the semiformal coordinator and MCHS history teacher Krista Lee.

Lee also stated that her favorite part of semi-formal would have to be the dancing. Especially when the whole crowd circles up and people dance in the center.

Lee claims, “A party does not start until ‘Yeah’ by Usher is played and the best slow dancing song is ‘I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith.”

Lee’s advice to freshmen is to expect it to rain.

Many students at Madison High School look forward to this dance throughout the year.

Claire Bilz, an MCHS sophomore, said her favorite part of semiformal is, “Getting dressed up with my friends and dancing with them throughout the night.”

Jaylee Humes, also a sophomore, said that she is hopeful that the song “Work Out” by J. Cole is on the semiformal playlist.