MCS Approves Updated Energy, Track, and Football Projects


A projected mock up of the new track and field and football projects.

Harper Watson and Hannah Uhl

Last evening, at the February 5th Madison Consolidated Schools board meeting, the 2020 Facility Upgrade motion was approved. This proposal includes a $5.3 million bond to implement an energy-saving solar project and a high-end upgrade to Madison Consolidated High School’s current athletic facilities, with a significant focus on the football and track and field centers. 

The energy savings plan includes the installation of solar arrays at Anderson Elementary, Deputy Elementary, Madison Consolidated Junior High School, and the Central Office and Transportation buildings. The construction of these solar panels will either be placed on the ground or the roof of the buildings. The start-up cost of the solar installation is approximately 3.5 million dollars with a proposed bond payoff in 10 years. The total savings in one year are projected to be $212,396. In the future, these savings may or may not be used for teacher compensation. 

The projects concerning the improvement of the current athletic facilities include a plan to install a new turf field where the grass football field is currently located. This new field will also include an eight-lane Mondo surface track along its perimeter. Though the field events location is yet to be determined, they will be renovated as well. This new field will allow for several sports to have a new practice and competition space, such as soccer and marching band.  You can find out more about the Mondo brand here.

“Any sport, any season, can use these facilities,” explained Madison Consolidated Athletic Director, Joe Brokella.

MCS hopes that with these renovations, the field will be able to host competitions, such as the Indiana State School Music Association marching band events. 

“It will help Madison to have some really nice state of the art facilities that students can take pride in,” explained Bronkella.

Joe Bronkella, Principal Michael Gasaway, Superintendent Jeff Studebaker, and Facilities Director Kevin Yancey have been working towards this proposal collectively and will be overseeing the planning and completion of this project. 

In addition to the turf field, there will be an upgrade to the current sound system, scoreboard, and timing system, with the possibility of a new press box if the scope of the project will allow it. The proposed budget for these renovations is $1.3 million. Additionally, a new building could be attached to the baseball field facilities that would include two new locker rooms for baseball, football, and track and field athletes, concession stands, a ticket booth, and a trainers room. This, however, is not included in the $1.3 million budget and instead would be funded by private and public dollars. 

Lighting and prep for these athletic projects are to begin immediately, and demolition will begin in April. There is a projected completion date of August 1st. This is only the first step for the improvement of MCHS athletic facilities. Bronkella still has the hope to expand upgrades to the Madison Junior High. 

“I would love to get the junior high gym upgraded and up to par,” Brokella explained.