Renewed Annual Powder Puff Football Game Ends in Victory For Underclassmen


The MCHS Powder Puff program resumes after a one year hiatus.

Montana Kennett, Staff Writer

Thursday, September 7, 2017- Montana Kennett

The MCHS Lady Cubs’ Powder Puff Football game ended in a 22-16 ballgame, Thursday, September 7, 2017 at Cubs Stadium in Madison, Indiana re-igniting the popular spirit week contest after failing to host a contest last year.

The two teams consisted of the upperclassmen against underclassmen and the Powder Puff event was put together by MCHS school nurse Jessica Morrison (who also happens to be the wife of the head football coach of Madison Consolidated High School).

“I thoroughly enjoy football. I have always watched the High School boys football games, my husband is the coach of the high school football team. Football is super important to me and my family and for me to be able to coach the girls is even better to me than watching. I get to be all in it, and being able to teach the girls a thing or two about football is exciting.” Morrison said.

Between the two teams there were two coaches for each. For the upperclassmen, the coaches were Jessica Morrison accompanied by Michael Gasaway. For the underclassmen, the coaches were Derek Herrick accompanied by Dan Grill. Each team was confident and warmed up for the game side by side to show what each had to offer.

Kierston Bruce
MCHS School Nurse and Powder Puff Event Organizer Jessica Morrison

“I have the underclassmen and the chances of us winning are pretty good. We’ve got some good plays that we are going to run; we have a good team. I think we are going to win pretty easily. We are going to upset the upperclassmen,” said a prophetic Derek Herrick just before the first quarter of the game.

16 of the 38 points scored during the entire game were scored within the first half. The score was knotted at half time until the upperclassmen scored in the third quarter of the game.

A tie break was made by the Upperclassmen during the beginning of third quarter. Not too long after the tie break, the Underclassmen out scored the Upperclassmen in the third quarter only leaving them a chance to catch up in the fourth quarter.

Michael Gasaway, the upperclassmen coach and Madison Consolidated High School Principal said, “The chances of us winning are probably 100 percent. I do not believe in defeat. I was really looking forward to watching the girls play hard, have fun, and dominate.”

The Upperclassmen failed to score anymore points after the third quarter. The Underclassmen continued to score in the fourth quarter and defeated the Upperclassmen in a 22-16 ballgame.

“This is my first year playing Powder Puff. I learned how to listen to my teammates and work together and it made all the difference. I made one touchdown, myself. I felt pretty good about the turnout of this game. There were some girls that were really rough, but, we got through it and we ended up winning. I have a really good feeling about Powder Puff and I will definitely being doing it again,” said Lexi Bivens a sophomore from the underclassmen team.

Both teams shook hands and called it a game.

Said Junior Erika Hazelwood, “This was my second year. It is always a rough game. For me, it really gives me an idea of what the guy have to go through. I was a little disappointed about the turnout of the game. At some point we were up and I thought we were being aggressive, but, they got passed us. Things happen. Everyone did good and played hard. The whole game was not a disappointment. I just want to thank everyone that came out to support us.”

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