Opinion: Trump’s Tweets Proves He Is No Role Model


Via commons.wikimedia.org

Bergen Cornelius, Staff Writer

When a single person takes the oath over the Bible and under the constitution that our forefathers spent countless hours on, that person becomes a role model, the chief, the one we look to in times of despair and celebration. Is someone considered a role model when all they have done in their presidency is post and slander other governmental officials? One of President Trump’s most popular topics for tweets is about what he deems to be fake news, calling out officials and non-supporters and demanding that all other voices and opinions no longer matter if it in any way, shape, or form hurts his image.

Since Donald Trump first announced he was running for president he has been repeatedly the focus of Saturday Night Live, and these skits have attracted many viewers. He seemingly became furious while watching this show so much that he took to Twitter claiming that SNL had turned into a biased television program that is now supporting Democrats. In that same tweet, Mr. Trump tried to diminish the works of our most well known comedians and actors, according to Tylt politics. Is this what a true role model looks like?

When the acting President of the United States is making tweets that American voters find to be inappropriate and even think the tweets forgo national security, a problem has occurred. “I think he acts more like a teenager than I do. How can he call himself a Christian if he doesn’t treat everyone equal(ly)?” says junior soccer player and 4-H member Bailie Prescher.

Generally, the public agrees that Trump’s tweets are unbecoming.. In fact, 53% of people that voted President Trump into office believe he should not tweet as often and to the extent of his comments, according to Time magazine.

“I don’t think Twitter is an appropriate way for the president to show their political views,” says junior volleyball player Hope Miller.

Some may make the argument as the world becomes more technology based, then so should the president. This very well may be true, but how do we decide what is appropriate and what is out of bounds for the most powerful person of the free world?