Freshman Looking for Friends

Miss Madisonian, Advice Columnist

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Hey, fam,

      I am new to this school. I’m a freshman, and I am having problems making friends. I would just like your advice on making friends and how to introduce myself without coming off like that overly dramatic kid that’s desperate for friends.


~Anon Freshie


Hey, Anon!

I understand where you are coming from. As a freshman, it can be difficult to introduce yourself and make new friends. There are a few ways you can approach the act of making friends. Try joining a group or a club. I realize this sounds overused, but it works. You can meet new people and have some interesting memories to share. However, if this route doesn’t work for you, sometimes it’s okay to just approach someone and introduce yourself. Try to find a common interest and worst-case scenario, if you don’t make a new friend, you try again.

Hope this helps!

Miss Madisonian

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